Wednesday, March 24, 2010

HIV Patient? what you should do?

Although a large number of aids is controlled by safe sex by the use of condoms, due to awareness at large scale abut aids have decreased its dangers, but still some time due to a small mistake aids get you, The new technique is still the old, you go with the hunger of sex and just never think before sex what you can get without using the condoms or to whom you gona do the sex, so this is the most important thing you must keep in mind, Although its also a truth that sex is only like a excitement which can't be stopped and as you try to avoid it would not be avoided it would become even more hungry, there are tips and safe ways, so you must keep checking because A simple, confidential blood test, available from your doctor or a health department, can determine if you are HIV-positive. Remember that it can take up to six months after infection for HIV antibodies to develop, and the virus can be transmitted even before antibodies have developed.

Researchers believe that most people who are HIV-positive will eventually develop AIDS. Although there are treatments for some of the symptoms of AIDS, there is currently no cure, and it is apparently always fatal.

Symptoms of HIV Infection and AIDS
The early symptoms of HIV infection are like flu symptoms that won't go away. Common symptoms are:

• Rapid, unexplained weight loss
• Persistent unexplained fever and night sweats
• Persistent severe fatigue
• Persistent diarrhea
• Swelling of glands in neck, armpits, or groin

As the immune system deteriorates, a variety of other symptoms may appear, including:

• Unusual sores on the skin or in the mouth; white patches in the mouth
• Increased outbreaks of cold sores
• Unexplained shortness of breath and dry cough
• Severe numbness or pain in the hands and feet
• Personality change or mental deterioration
• Unusual cancers and infections

These symptoms are caused by many illnesses other than HIV infection or AIDS. However, if any symptom develops or persists without a good explanation, especially if your behavior puts you at risk of HIV infection, call your doctor.

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