Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ten Ways to Stay Healthy

Prevention works! You and your family can save a lot of pain, worry, and money by avoiding health problems in the first place. If you can't prevent a problem altogether, the next best thing is to discover it early, when it is easy to treat. This chapter helps you do both.

1. Immunize. Immunizations are the best bargain in health care. When you immunize, you prevent illness for your family and help prevent epidemics in your community.

2. Keep Moving. Any way you define it, fitness is essential to good health. Even moderate exercise makes a huge difference both in how you feel and what illnesses you get. For a three-part fitness plan,

3. Eat right. Eating a well-balanced, low-fat diet of wholesome foods will keep you energetic and free of many illnesses.. Consider breast-feeding your baby to help keep him or her in the best health.

4. Control stress. Even with a hectic and hurried lifestyle, you can prevent stress from undermining your health.

5. Be smoke-free. Smokers who quit gain tremendous health benefits. So do people who avoid secondhand smoke.

6. Avoid drugs and excess alcohol. When you say "no" to drugs and limit what you drink, you prevent accidents and illnesses and avoid a lot of problems for yourself and your family. For more on drug and alcohol problems,

7. Put Safety First. Safety at home, at work, and at play; safe driving; fire arm safety, and safe sex will all help keep you healthy.

8. Pursue healthy pleasures. Take naps, relax during meals, play with kids, care for a pet – they all can add to your health.

9. Think well of yourself. A good self-image is the foundation of good health. For more on self-esteem and wellness,

10. Promote peace. Peace on earth begins at home. Seek nonviolent way of resolving conflicts at home, at school, at work, and in your community.

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