Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)

By now, avid skincare users would have heard and read about alpha hydroxy acids, or AHA, which was pioneered by NeoStrata. Just a few weeks of NebStrata makes a difference. The complexion gets clearer and fairer, blotches disappear. No wonder NeoStrata has been given the thumbs up as a superior kind of skincare. AHA is what NeoStrata calls its first-generation technology. Now comes its second-generation technology— PHA, or poly hydroxy acids. Like its name suggests, PHA is many times more moisturising than AHA. It has the same smoothening and exfoliating properties as AHAs but yet so gentle that there's no risk of adverse reactions.
AHAs are made up of extremely small molecules which penetrate the skin very quickly — the reason for the sometimes burning and stinging sensation one feels when applying it. The molecules in PHA are much larger and penetrate the skin more gently, without causing irritation to the skin the way most AHAs do. And because PHA contains multiple, or poly hydroxy, groups, it's even more moisturising.


In NeoStrata's new skincare range, which is simply known as Exuvianc-It's got three great things going for it: It's very gentle — so gentle it won -irritate even the most sensitive skin.

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