Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weight Lose a fashion or health issue

Today, the topic of weight has become an important issue and gained more popularity because many people around us are weighty. Its an endless topic because food is made for human and they love to eat and considerable attention must be paid to eating habits. Now days, the awareness standard of people has increased much due to increased literacy rate and many health problems are being identified like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol just because of this weight problem.

Weight has become a funny thing, people unaware of its complications like to lose weight for looking beautiful, and they never know it’s weight lose body is also sign of beauty but it will be also away from many bad diseases.

Weight motivates such things which cause one to lose confidence and self-respect in such a way when one faces the people with his overweight body, feels his body not well-shaped and in return feels oneself not good looking resulting in inferiority complex and isolation. People looking at a person overweight make him the center of their discussion,

To lessen the weight, one doesn’t need to be very fast but to be patient. Only 5 to 10 percent of overall weight decrease is much in initial stage.

This amount of weight lose is realistic and valuable. Once this target is achieved the journey will be continued for more weight lose in same way. And you lose weight day by day with changing your eating routines and bad habits.

Less amount of food can be taken by changing the ways we eat without feeling deprived. The brain takes fifteen minutes to get the message that we have been fed .So; by slowing down the rate we can allow the brain to receive a full signal by the end of the meal. Vegetables can help to feel fuller and less food in smaller plates may help in feeling fuller.

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