Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hoodia & weight Lose

Hoodia is a small plant and may be described as a herb. This plant’s effectiveness was found when CSIR was conducting a study on food eaten by the Bushmen from the desert. People who want to lose their weight may use it as an option. Hoodia has been in use by a tribe from the Kalahari Desert in South Africa as a hunger suppressant.
The function of this plant to suppress hunger and food, that is why people have been using this plant on long trips. It seems that the people have also used this plant to feed hunting dogs to make them not feel the necessity of eating. Once there were famines , this plant proved its importance , and the same plant is used in the same situations.
Care must be taken when planning to use Hoodia on long trips as appetite suppressor as ,of course , it reduces your thirst and hunger but it doesn’t mean that you need no more food to eat. If you use this plant as a part of your diet and not totally depend on it , it will have no negative effect on your health.
Hoodia is like cactus with no relation to it . It is a herb and not a drug .In this plant , there is a molecule named P57.This molecule contains the characteristics of being appetite suppressant. As glucose sends the signals to the brain that appetite is served and you are full, the same effect has this plant.
It is to know that Gordonii is a specific variety of Hoodia in which this molecule is found . Gordonii is the only one that has spines and is succulent. Hoodia’s effectiveness is still under research and there are some definite researchers who are trying to isolate this P57 molecule to manufacture a drug. Taste wise this herb is not tasty and something caustic.
There are capsules and liquids which are made up by this plant and are used as supplements. The liquid form is better than the pills and capsules as it works faster and has a good taste. To make the liquid form more effective and results more accelerated , the green tea extracts are combined with it.

The Gordonii variety of Hoodia is protected by law in South Africa and Namibia because it is rare. First , a permit is taken from the government to grow or harvest the plant.and this causes the plant price more expensive in its pure form. approximately one thousand calories a day may be decreased by using it by controlling the appetite.

First the animals and later the humans were experimented on to check the results that show that Hoodia really works and decreases the weight. People suffering the diabetes may use this herb satisfactorily as it is not harmful to them.

There are many people who are completely satisfied in using this plant as it has positive results on them . the supplement is more effective when used with a healthy diet and a regular exercise.

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