Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vegetarian are more Intelligent then Non-Vegetarian

According to a British Research intelligent level of vegetarian is higher then “Non Vegetarian”. A Reputed UK newspaper “Daily Mail” tells in its Medial Journal Report south Hampton University prepared about study of 8 thousands males and females. According to that it came knowledge that intelligent level of vegetarians was 5% more than non vegetarians. Though it was difficult to clearly judge the intelligent level of non vegetarians as compared to vegetarians but it is assumed that intelligent level has very deep effect of using fruits vegetables and grains.

The chain of that Research was started under 10years children’s. When they were of 30 they were asked that whether they eat food consisting of vegetables or fruits. Their answers were compared with the answers of non vegetarians, including in this experiment 4% volunteer told that on being young they were still habitual of vegetetables, it should be noted that the percentage of vegetarians is almost equal in British. One interesting fact reveals young eat food consisting of vegetables as compared to meet and fish then children’s. In study intelligent level of young vegetarian is almost 5% more as compared to non vegetarians. And intelligence level of not using milk and its products vegetarians was found less at 10years old. it is also assumed that vegetarians are placed on good jobs on being young. According to research Dr.Katherine Geel there is many reasons of it. It can be that intelligent persons doesn’t use meet because of sympathy for animals. It is also caused that persons like this thought vegetables more beneficial, according to Dr.Geel it is right according to health that blood pressure of vegetarian’s remains low. They remain safe from heart diseases. according to them although from our research it is proved that more intelligent children’s remains vegetarians on being young by which on further research positive results found, means one is that animals remains covered second it lefts good effects on atmosphere.

I would like to give reference of Arnold Schwarzenegger An Austrian Body Builder world 9 Times MR Olympia, He is Current Governor of California. And Mr Olympia Competition is the world biggest body building competition.

In his prime age when he was building his muscles, He was unable to afford heavy dite which is necessary for Body building. He use to drink the juice of Vegetables instead of Eating Meat. And what the result of that Vegetable Juice everybody know in the world how powerful and big muscles Mr. Schwarzenegger.

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