Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tomato diet and medicine 2 in one

Tomato has different shapes and colors given to it by nature. It can be oval or circle shape. It also has a shape which totally resemble in apple. Modern Science says it’s a medication against many diseases.

Tomato is a delicious diet and a beautiful fruit. Yes its not a vegetable it’s a fruit. Mostly in USA and Europe it is used as a fruit. In Asian countries such as India Pakistan its considered a vegetable. There are many kinds of tomatoes found in the world.

Some of its species are below.

  • White tomato
  • Purple tomato
  • Red tomato
  • Pink tomato
  • Yellow tomato.

In the whole world it is being used, some where its used as salad, and some where its used as fruit and some peoples uses it to get tomato ketchup. In liquid form ketchup is served all over the world with nuddgets and fries.

1 and half century before tomato was considered a poisonous Fruit/vegetable, because peoples use to think it so because it use to cause problems in digestion, but modern science discovered that it is a remedy against germs in our blood and also increase red blood cells in our body. Tomato is also use to whiten and freshen your skin,

In Chicago there is a institute where tomato is tested on small kids, and it came to know that it is such a wonderful natural remedy against diseases, Its juice increase the appetite and it boosts the functions of our intestines.

According to latest scientific research purple tomato can be amazing medicine against the deadly disease of cancer. It has antioxidant pigment which is also call anthocyanin. And that component is vital against cancer disease that’s why tomato especially purple tomato has qualities to fight against cancer virus. John Inns team’s day and night research and hard work produced a new species of tomato. It is prepared by snapdragon flower which possess a lot of anthocyanin’s quantity in itself. Tomato is also good for heart patients.

In short as we get a lot of protein from other diets we can get much higher protein from tomatoes.