Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Need to change the behaviour to lose weight in small time

Today , the topic of weight has become an important issue but to say a very hot topic . It is not a today’s but an everlasting topic . Now a days , the awareness standard of people has increased much due to increased literacy rate and many health problems are being identified like diabetes , high blood pressure and high cholesterol .
Weight has become a funny thing as it is not recognized by those who need to lose weight on account of health problems and by those who don’t care for the weight losing for the sake of fashion as they think it a beauty.

Weight is that thing which motivates the things causing one to lose confidence and self-respect in such a way when one faces the people with his overweight body , feels his body not well-shaped and in return feels oneself not good looking resulting in inferiority complex . People looking a person overweight lose their confidence on him and behave with him in not a well confident manner as physically upset person is not likely to be very active .

To lessen the weight , one doesn’t need to be very fast but to be patient . Only 5 to 10 percent of overall weight decrease is much in initial stage.

This much less weight is realistic and valuable. Once this target is achieved the journey will be continuted for more weight lose in same way.

Behaviors are the most important factors in reducing weight . setting the goals is the main thing . Goals are the effective things and go along to reducing weight . For the most people the thing to be noticed is the only one goal that is the weight . There should be other goals too in the way to weight reduction . The effective goals are: detailed, achievable and tolerant . For example a walk of 30 minutes for five days is detailed , achievable and tolerant as compared with the walk in which there is no specification of days and times . Further goals may be the intake of fat from 40% of calories to 35% of calories and later 30% or increasing the amount of time from 10 minutes to 20 to 30.
A sequence of giving rewards to yourself must be continuing specially for the targets with more difficulty . The giving rewards must be dependent on meeting the goals. It is better to have a lot of small rewards for achieving smaller goals than to have a larger reward that can take a lot of effort to obtain and can lose its desirability. The rewards only need to be simple such as a new music CD or a movie or an afternoon off etc.

Another behavior to achieve must be self-monitoring to keep a track of calorie use and exercise session. In this way you may have the knowledge what is better and what is worse. Similarly , a recording of the weight is important although it is not necessary to weigh you everyday. The exect approximation of the exercise and food effect on the weight does not show up the next day. The weight looks different because the weight is made up of water which changes from day to day unlike body fat.

There are many situations where people get themselves engaged in eating like sitting in front of T.V . There are many places where food items are on display at social places tempting the people to eat not willingly. Such situations must be avoided as people get themselves towards unplanned eating.

Less amount of food can be taken by changing the ways we eat without feeling deprived. The brain takes fifteen minutes to get the message that we have been fed .So; by slowing down the rate we can allow the brain to receive a full signal by the end of the meal. Vegetables can help to feel fuller and less food in smaller plates may help in feeling fuller. If we have the habit of eating skipping, we must have scheduled eating timing.

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