Monday, May 18, 2009

Insomnia or sleeplessness reasons & causes

It is well kwon truth that millions of peoples in the world don’t enjoy the sweetness of a comfortable and long sleep and face insomnia, According to a survey in Asian continent wakefulness like a disease increasing. It was told that in western world the invention of electronic bulb was the reason of insomnia. And the same bulk now causing insomnia.

in eastern world A famous person said that night is made for rest and work is made for work, technology changed life cycle i.e. peoples mostly wake up till late at night and sleep till day.

In today’s world insomnia is said a result of many problems, from high blood pressure to increase of weight all are reasons of insomnia, if we face insomnia our health also face serious risks. To have a better sleep kids use to love the amazing faire tales and stories from grandma, But now even kids don’t sleep by stories, It shows our new generations mental attitudes are changed, Tea, Coffee take away our sleeps, Same like that use of tobaco,nokitine are also enemies of sleep,

It is also said to stop thinking before you go to bed, otherwise if you don’t stop thinking your all day will be passed on the bed with the ideas, thoughts, which are enemy of a sweet sleep.

  • acute insomnia is the unavialbility of consistent sleep well for a period of between 3 weeks to 6 months

  • Chronic insomnia lasts for years at a time. It can be caused by another problem, or it can be a primary issue. Its effects can vary according to its causes. They might include mental fatigue ,muscular fatigue ,sleepiness, hallucinations,

Intensity of ideas go more deep in night because of loneliness, So this cause us insomnia also, American health think thank also tells, that a great cure of insomnia is that, you keep thinking and thinking about the things you have in your life, so find a pen and start writing all of your mind on a paper, there will be a strange when you stop writing because there are nothing in your mind to write about, at that point easily go to bed and we bet you sleep.

lols ...this is not my idea but i only gave reference to a unknowing writer,

Some peoples love to sleep while watching TV, they must always adjust the timer of the TV to automatically switch off after 10 or 20 minutes, cold room cause you comfort rather then a hot room so your sleep place must be 20 to 20 centre grade, darkness in the room also invites good chances of good sleep.

if you go for sleep on bed and can’t sleep for 20 minutes, don’t waste more time on sleep it would not let you sleep, just leave the bed and go study some material, the material must not be interesting one but boring one, hehehe yup that would probably cause you sleep, Never listen news before sleeping, because they keep your mind upset, and especially very sensitive peoples can have bad impressions of bad news in night, this is also learnt by a study. I hope my this small article helped my many readers to understand basic reasons why we can’t sleep and how we can have a better sleep.

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